Our Process

We sit down over a cup of coffee or tea at a location near you. We'll then listen to your requirements and give you our plan of action, once we agree on what you need and how fast you need it work can start.

What we need from you

We'll only require your company leaflets and information for the customers. While its not mandatory, we are a canvassing company that are representing your business whilst we are working for you. We become an extension of your business so providing us with your companies uniforms will go down a treat with customers for a more tailor-made personal interaction.

Guaranteed Results

We know what were doing when it comes to canvassing. With our ultra friendly approach we never pressure anyone to sign up, we never attempt to poach work, and we never offer trials or one-offs. We'll also always give those on the fence a card so they may contact you at a later date.

Clients We've Worked With

More On Our Process.

- We avoid high rises and terraces. Semi-detached and detached with garden gates are our target.

- We add on a first clean price to any job which is a more difficult first clean, which you keep 100% of.

- We don't quote below your minimum price point.

- We pass on details of extracurricular services required by new customers, such as conservatory roofs, etc. We don't charge a penny for these.

- We can explain to your customers on sign up of the payment services you use.


We charge the equivalent of the first three cleans for new customers and guarantee them for at least 2 cleans, we’ve found that the chance of the customer cancelling after the second clean has been completed, and the customer is happy with the quality, is little to none. Any cancellations that happen before the second clean is completed are, firstly, deducted from the extra 10% and then subsequently either deducted from the next invoice or paid back to you by BACS, whichever suits you best.